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To welcome you in complete safety


Due to the coronavirus, we are taking additional cleaning precautions by disinfecting your rental for your arrival in order to welcome you in optimal safety conditions.


We follow cleaning and disinfection guidelines based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This procedure is applied systematically before the arrival of any new tenants.


  • All the rooms in your rental, their equipment and furniture as well as the garden furniture and barbecues are fully cleaned and then disinfected with 70 ° alcohol.


  • Items that cannot be cleaned with alcohol such as upholstery or the inside of wardrobes are disinfected using an appropriate disinfectant spray,


  • Floors and stairs are washed using a cleaning and disinfecting solution.


  • At the end of cleaning, we spray all the rooms with a disinfectant spray.


We carry out this disinfection procedure wearing masks and gloves and opening all doors and windows to ensure air circulation throughout the accommodation.


This disinfection is complementary to the usual cleaning service and is carried out after it.




Here are the details of this disinfection procedure

in line with CDC recommendations


Frequently touched items such as room and lamp switches, door and window handles and storage furniture, keys, sinks / washbasins / showers / bathtubs and their fittings, toilets, railings and guards- body, kitchen and bathroom worktops, furniture (tables, bedside tables, chairs, chests of drawers, ...), all remote controls, radiators, bins, etc ... are fully cleaned and then totally disinfected in alcohol at 70 °.


Regarding the household linen (bed linen and towels)  :


We use the service of a professional laundry to guarantee you an optimal level of cleanliness and disinfection of the laundry.


Between each stay, bed protectors (mattress and pillow covers) as well as plaids / blankets and tea towels / cloths are washed at high temperature - minimum 60 ° - in order to eliminate any risk of viruses.


Regarding the water features (kitchen and bathroom) and their equipment  :


All surfaces as well as sinks, washbasins, baths / showers, taps, shower curtain, WC but also equipment (hair dryer, soap dispensers and cleaning products) are cleaned and disinfected with alcohol at 70 ° .


Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils are washed in the dishwasher at high temperature - minimum 60 °.

The dishwasher is cleaned using a specific vacuum cleaning program.


All household appliances  (fridge and freezer, hotplates, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, electric whisk, raclette grill, etc.) as well as the condiments and their containers (oils, vinegar, salt, pepper, spices, etc.) are disinfected.


Housing items that cannot be disinfected with 70 ° alcohol such as upholstery (sofas, cushions and curtains), rugs / doormats, inside closets, books and board games are vacuumed then disinfected using a disinfectant spray.


Regarding the laundry room located in Le Breuil  :

All cleaning equipment as well as the washing machine and dryer are cleaned and then disinfected.


It is a shared space.

We therefore appeal to your personal responsibility to apply disinfection measures to each of your passages and to respect the physical distance between tenants.


To protect you even better

  • In order to allow you to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in the face of the epidemic, we provide you with hydro-alcoholic solution for your hands in order to allow you to disinfect yourself when entering your rental and 70 ° alcohol with disposable cleaning paper to maintain good disinfection in your accommodation during your stay.

    These products complement the usual cleaning products already in your            available in your rental (soap - dishwashing liquid - cleaning products              cleaning).  

    We thank you for respecting this hygiene procedure (hydro-        alcoholic and alcohol at 70 °) and to limit your contacts by respecting the               physical distancing.

  • In order to limit contact and maintain physical distancing, we will not be performing routine maintenance. We provide you with additional household linen (bed linen - towels and tea towel) on your arrival for stays of more than 7 days.

  • We thank you for not undoing the beds on the day of your departure. We will take care of it by following a special procedure.


Stay in touch  !

We remain at your disposal and at your disposal during your stay.

You can contact us by phone or SMS for any requests or in case of problems.


Take care of yourself  !

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